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Leaves Plant

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Leaves Plant blue eucalyptus spray


This item is availabe in 4 unique variations.

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PTMD | Leaves Plant


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Color16766720, 255, Orange, 10889770, 16711680, 65280, Gold, Green
MaterialFabric, Foam, Bamboo, Cement, Iron, Metal, Plastic, Plastic - PE, Poly, Polyester, Satin
Water ResistanceNo, Yes-partially
Fire ResistanceNot Fire Resistant
Holiday/OccassionAll Seasons/Occassions, No Holiday/Occassion
SeasonAll Seasons
Flowers Finish110cm Saleen Alocasia, 9 leaves, 7 inch plastic pot, 120cm 2 trunks Philodendron/11 leaves 6 inch pot, 150cm bamboo, 10 branches, 720 leaves, 6 inch plastic pot, 170cm 4 trunks Philodendron/16 leaves 8 inch pot, agave, COATING, FABRIC
Volume (cbm)0.008, 0.045, 0.057, 0.070, 0.078, 0.126, 0.134, 0.140, 0.152, 0.163, 0.173, 0.214, 0.216, 0.278, 0.413, 0.529, 0.588, 0.880, 0.884


An overview of the item dimensions.

Assembled Item
Length41 cm
Width21 cm
Height81 cm


An overview of the materials used for this item.

MaterialsFabric, Foam, Bamboo, Cement, Iron, Metal, Plastic, Plastic - PE, Poly, Polyester, Satin


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