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Designed with passion - Built by artists


PTMD collection® was established in 1992. At this time, there was a clear divide between creative designs made by artists and commercial standard products created by large companies. PTMD® wanted to connect creative artists and large companies by developing inspiring designs which were defined by excellent craftsmanship and creativity, yet were also affordable for a wider group of customers.


What once started off as a small collection of pots and baskets twenty-three years ago has now grown into a complete interior design collection.


By establishing its own identity, PTMD® has created a strong interior design collection which makes luxury affordable. 



Thanks to our unique partnership with creative artists, professional producers, and a network of passionate retailers, we are always in a position to present our customers with a dazzling collection of products designed to enhance their living rooms. 
The collection consists of lighting, pots, glassware, furniture, textiles, artificial flowers, and wall and other decorations.


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Frequent visits are made to the Far East on behalf of PTMD®. In the course of these trips, we often encounter children whose futures are bleak. This discovery prompted management at PTMD® to establish a kids' house in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The KIDS HOUSE removes girls from desperate and hopeless situations and gives them a warm home and the hope of a positive future.

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